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Best SSL Authentication Tools Award Won by Verisign Code Signing

Malware is a terrible problem on the internet.  Malware makes our internet sites less secure, and hampers visitor trust in your website.  Not to mention the loss of money and personal information that could result from a hacked website.

To confirm what we already knew, Microsoft just said that there’s an incredible amount of Windows malware out there on the Internet - “1 out of every 14 programs downloaded is later confirmed as malware.”  

So, no matter what operating system your website uses, it's important you take anti-virus software and malicious websites seriously.

While you're shopping for a SSL certificate, keep in mind that Norton Verisign SSL certificates include free malware scanning services.  Verisign rolled out this new service as another way to distinguish their SSL certificate from other SSL certificate authorities.  

VeriSign customers will have their sites checked daily for malware at no additional cost with the new malware scanning service. If malware is found, the VeriSign Trust Seal is removed and the customer will be notified. Once the malicious code is removed, VeriSign will rescan the site and replace the seal.

A daily website malware scan will reduce the risk of a website infecting users and being blacklisted by search engines for malicious content.  That's right, if your website is infected with malware, search engines like Google will remove your site from their search engine results.  So, a malware scan can help you avoid losing free search engine traffic.

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Daily Malware Scan Included with Basic Norton Symantec Verisign SSL Certificates

You may have noticed that some websites have the Verisign trust seal shown in Google search results.  Pretty cool, as one of your biggest challenges is standing out in search so that potential customers actually click your link to see all that you have to offer. Verisign's trust seal in Google search will increase your search engine website traffic as so many people are more likely to go to your website if it includes the Verisign Seal-In-Search.

This is a recent SSL product feature improvement by Verisign to help their SSL stand-out in the increasingly crowded SSL certificate marketplace.  VeriSign SSL-protected sites will have the ability to leverage the VeriSign Seal-in-Search technology, which places a VeriSign Trusted Seal mark next to search-engine results to identify sites utilizing VeriSign SSL . Google displays the VeriSign seal within search engine results for websites whose identity has been authenticated by Symantec.

More details -

What is Norton Symantec VeriSign Seal-in-Search?
Seal-in-Search is a feature where the VeriSign seal is displayed within search engine results next to links to VeriSign trusted sites. Seal-in-Search is enabled by browser plug-ins that detect VeriSign trusted links in popular search engines, and also by partnerships with comparison shopping, listings, and other web sites. Enjoy the advantage of a more trusted link that reaches customers earlier in the purchase cycle. Seal-in-Search helps to increase link visibility and improve consumer confidence, which could lead to higher click rates and improved traffic to trusted web sites. 

So if you spend marketing dollars in Google, Bing, Yahoo, you should check-out the Verisign SSL certificate offerings today!

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Norton Symantec Verisign Trust Seal Shown in Google Results

Nice!  This doesn't happen very often, or ever really.  Norton Symantec Verisign actually just released a promo code for their industry leading Trust Seal. Use the coupon before they expire it!

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Norton Symantec powered by Verisign's Trust Seal product is similar to other certificate authority's domain verified SSL certificate.  It's not a full extended validation needed for eCommerce websites.  However, if you don't have a shopping cart on your site, a Trust Seal may be the way to go.  It's a lot cheaper than a full EV SSL.

If you need the full EV, including the "turn your browser bar green" functionality, then click on this link to save some money ...

Try a Verisign EV SSL certificate for FREE for 30 days. 

Regardless of which SSL product you buy from Symantec, the iconic Trust Seal can help you convert more of your website visitors to buyers of your products - and into your customers.  And, that's what's it's all about, right?  Use Verisign's SSL certificate, and watch your website conversion rate go up.

Your website visitors trust Norton Verisign, shouldn't you too?

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Verisign SSL Certificate review.  Save money by using this Verisign SSL certificate promo coupon code now! Verisign promo code| Verisign SSL Certificate Coupon Code

Here's an item to consider once your extended validation SSL certificate is installed - Search Engine Optimization.  Instructions like the below won't appear in certificate authority's SSL installation documentation, but they're an important consideration to make sure you're not negatively impacting your site's natural search traffic.

Post the install of a EV SSL, each web page covered by the SSL will have two versions.  The standard "" page, and the secure web page with HTTPS "".  Unfortunately, the search engines will see the two URLs as seperate web pages, but with the same content.  Oh no, you have a duplicate content issue.

Especially post the Google Panda update, search engines don't like duplicate content.  And, they may lower your search engine result placements if you have a high level of duplicate content on your site.

Here's the solution:  Put a "canonical tag" on the https URL version of the web page.

Place a link rel canonical tag on the https URL version that points to the equivalent http version. So, when a search engine crawler like gbot visits; in the tag, they should find a link rel canonical pointing to the http:// version of the URL, like this example (add < at beginning, and /> at end):

 link rel="canonical" href=""

This way, even though the content is still accessible in both the http and https version, search engines will only see and treat the http:// as the canonical version of your website. This will prevent any possible duplicate content issues.

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SEO Considerations With HTTPS URL Post EV SSL Installation