You may think you need a separate SSL certificate for subdomains.  However, you may not require a different SSL for each subdomain.  Let me introduce you to ...

Wildcard SSL certificates.  

It can cost a lot of money to get a separate SSL for each subdomains. However, you can buy a wildcard SSL certificate and secure all of your level 1 sub domains.

A subdomain is a URL that leverages the same domain, but to the left of the domain.  A URL with additional information to the right of the domain is using directories or categories.  It's easier to show an example:

If your domain is, a subdomain is - or;

a URL directory example is -

Before wildcard SSLs were introduced, you had to purchase and install a separate SSL certificate for each of the subdomains; even though they are were based on the same domain name. Now, you can buy a wildcard SSL certificate that can secure all of the subdomains.  Score!  You can compare wildcard SSL prices and find coupons by clicking on the link.

Note:  securing multiple levels of subdomains or different domains within one SSL certificate can be accomplished with a Unified Communications SSL Certificates rather than a wildcard SSL certificate.


Need Separate SSL Certificate for Subdomain

Born to be wild ...

Nope, wrong subject.  We're actually here to talk about wild card certificate SSLs, not the great 70's era song.  

SSL wild card certificates can save you a lot of cash.  SSL certificates can be expensive, so not having to buy a different SSL for each subdomain on your site is a big bonus. 

Wildcard Certificate SSLs are made to facilitate securing unlimited sub domains on a single domain, if they're a first level sub domain.  In other words, obtain a single SSL Certificate with the common name * and you can use it on all of these subdomains without issue:


Even though you only have to buy one wild card certificate, you still want to get the best price.  We've done the price comparison work for you.  See wild card certificate price comparison to find the best deal, and find coupons as well.

In addition to saving you money, wild card certificates can also save you time.  Deploying multiple individual SSL certs can be a huge undertaking, even with the help of a PKI management solution. Don't forget you have to go through the hassle again when it's time to renew your SSL certificates. 

Note:  securing multiple levels of subdomains or different domains within one SSL certificate can be accomplished with a Unified Communications SSL Certificates rather than a wild card certificate.



Wild Card Certificate SSL 

We all want to get the best price when we buy something, especially on what can be an expensive product like an SSL certificate.  With that in mind, this website has compiled pricing from the top SSL certificate CAs (certificate authority) for the main types off SSL certs.  We've also included coupons you can use to save some more money during your SSL certificate purchase.  If you're not sure what type of SSL your website needs, refer to this SSL certificate buying guide.

Sometimes it's not all about price though.  Yes, getting a good deal is important, but there are other considerations when purchasing a SSL certificate in addition to SSL comparison prices.  For example, your time is valuable.  Unfortunately, not all SSL certificate installations go smoothly.  Sometimes there's some hiccups which have web hosts and SSL CA's pointing fingers at each other.  You know, the standard "you have to call your SSL certificate provider for help with that", and your SSL CA says, "that's a web hosting issue, you need to talk to them."  There's an easy way to get around this and save yourself valuable time - buy your SSL and web hosting from the same place.  So, if your website is already hosted at say, you may be better off buying your SSL from Register as well.  Ditto for Network Solutions SSL, etc.  That way, your technical support will come from one place if you have an issue, and you won't get the "that's not our issue" runaround.  

Another consideration above SSL certificates pricing comparisons is branding.   The SSL provider's trust seal is important.  In a way the SSL trust seal can help enforce your brand.  This is why Verisign can get away with charging so much more for their SSL certs.  The Verisign trust seal is quite frankly the most trusted branding piece in the SSL marketplace.  Some people swear the Verisign SSL symbol on their site is worth way more than the additional cost with the increased sales conversions.  

But, most likely you'll end up buying your SSL based on price, and that's okay.  Just click on the links above, and you'll see we've laid out the different SSL's in rank order by price and saved you a lot of research time.  You can thank us later, maybe even over a beer.  Cheers.

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SSL Comparison| SSL Certificate Prices Compared From Top CA.  SSL certificates pricing, SSL comparison prices

Microsoft changed the Windows Root Certificate Program to include interim technical requirements for Certification Authority practices under section F of the program.  These interim requirements will be incorporated into the industry-side baseline requirements that were developed in the CA/Browser Forum.

The new requirements under Section F include:

  1. Certificate Authority's will implement multi-factor authentication.
  2. All root certificates must be maintained in an offline state.
  3. Resellers and Registration Authorities may not issue certificates on behalf of a Certificate Authority.
It's great that Microsoft is continually working to improve the quality of the SSL certificate industry. GoDaddy is a member of the Windows Root Certificate Program along with Verisign and other SSL Certificate CA's.

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Microsoft changed the Windows Root Certificate Program

EV SSL does not provide a higher level of encryption, but the authentication is more rigorous for extended validation SSL certificates vs standard SSL certs.

The additional level of authentication is a good thing. A website intent on scamming people or even just a less than reputable website can easily buy a regular SSL certificate.  Authentication for a regular, low priced domain SSL is easy - it's basically just a match of whois information to the SSL application.  However, a low quality website is unlikely to pass the background checks for an EV certificate.

If your website has an EV certificate, it shows your business to be on the “up and up” and you have something not everyone can just buy. It gives your website a competitive advantage over sites without an EV SSL cert.

For a few extra bucks and a some more paperwork, your site can have the most secure certificate available today - an extended validation SSL certificate. If only a few shoppers recognize the added security and it helps them finish a purchase at your store, the EV SSL will pay for itself. And that is the worst case scenario. The more likely scenario is more consumers are aware of (and actively look for) the green bar to signal a truly secure connection, and put more trust in those websites that use Extended Validation SSL certificates in their store.

Read more about Best EV SSL certificates. Read our EV SSL Certificate Providers reviews: GoDaddy EV SSL Certificate review; Verisign EV SSL Review. 

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