What kind of SSL certificate should you buy for a Facebook application like a game, etc? What is the best SSL Certificate for Facebook?

It's best practice to have a SSL associated with your Facebook app. In fact, Facebook has said that starting on October 1st, 2011, Facebook will require that all domain names use an SSL certificate for Facebook Page Application Tab or Canvas Page. So you need to buy a SSL certificate to follow Facebook's rules, or risk getting your app shut down.

You also don't want your app users to be shown an invalid signature dialog message - the Firefox browser message is especially scary - because visitors simply won't use your app. And you don't want that.

Facebook to date has not specified requirements for what type of SSL certificate to buy for their canvas apps or page application tab.

You can read through our SSL certificate buying guide to get a feel for the different types of SSL certificates out there. Or, just get a domain validated SSL, which looks like a lot of Facebook apps are using and having success with.

The good news? The domain validated SSL certificates are the cheapest SSLs out there. You can get one from GoDaddy for only $12.99/year via this link. Just look for the link in the yellow box at the top of the page after clicking here.

It looks like Facebook is making the SSL installation process pretty easy. Post installing the SSL certificate on your website, just enter your new secure URL into the "Secure Canvas URL" and "Secure Tab URL". Click here to learn more.

Note: if your site has subdomains that also need to be secure, you need to get a wildcard SSL certificate. If you sell products on your website, and the full shopping cart is within your site, you should look into getting a "turn the browser bar green" and "https" extended validation SSL certificate.

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If you created your Facebook application utilizing Google's App Engine, you may be able to leverage Google's free SSL certificate. However, you can't use your own domain name. You have to keep your URL a " to use Google's free SSL in this instance. Understandably, a lot of app creators want to use their own domain - and they should. A cheap $12.99/year cost for a SSL shouldn't dissuade you from using your own web address.


Facebook SSL Certificate| Which SSL to Buy for a Facebook App to comply with Facebook's new SSL certificate rule? Best SSL Certificate for Facebook.

Domain validation SSL Certificate usage is growing quickly.  Why?  Because they're so cheap.  You can get a domain validated SSL for only $12.99 from GoDaddy right now.

One reason a domain validation SSL is so affordable is due to the validation process, which is a lot less time consuming than a regular SSL.  With a domain SSL, business documentation is not required.  Certificate authorities simply look your contact information up in the whois database.  If you SSL application matches the whois details, you're approved.

Some CA's have even automated the domain SSL authentication process, which helps keep costs down and issue certification time to a minimum.  After buying a domain SSL Certificate, you will get SSL order authentication link. You just click this link and approve your request, which may be finished within minutes.

A Business Validation SSL Certificate requires you to submit information that prove you're a legitimate business, etc. It's a more detailed authentication and verification process.  That's why a business validation SSL process takes longer.  A business validation SSL is also more expensive as the authentication process is more time consuming and human intensive. Some people think a business validated SSL shows more trust to potential customers.  However, unless the SSL is an extended validation SSL, a website visitor may not be able to tell the difference between a domain and business validated SSL cert.

In the end, it's up to you to decide which type of SSL certificate to buy.  Use this SSL buying guide to help.

Regardless of which type of SSL you choose, GoDaddy has the best prices around.  Visit's SSL webpage now to learn more.

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Domain Validation SSL vs Validation Business SSL Certificate| What's the difference?

The marketers behind Verisign SSL certificates recently did a survey. They're calling it the "Symantec Online Internet Safety Survey". While the survey name certainly sounds official, don't get too excited. There's only 301 respondents, which is hardly statistically significant.

However, there are still some interesting results.

75% of survey takers said they have abandoned an internet transaction due to the feeling that the web site wasn't secure. Okay, that makes sense. If a website doesn't feel secure, why finish the transaction? The last thing an internet shopper wants to do is put their credit card number in jeopardy for future fraud. Plus, if the website isn't secure, can you trust that you'll actually get the item you're ordering?

42% of survey takers said they look to make sure a website has a third-party SSL seal or trust mark. Plus, 35% of people said they wouldn't complete a transaction if the website wasn't displaying a transaction.

That's huge. Do this math in your head for your individual business: how much is a 1% conversion rate improvement worth to you? Most likely, improving your website conversion rate by even 1% is worth a lot of money to your bottom line. In fact, significantly more money than the cost of a SSL certificate. Just think - what if your conversion rate improved up to 35%?

This new survey isn't the only one of its type. They all say something similar. SSL certificates raise conversion rates. And you know more sales means more money in your pocket.

So what are you waiting for? If you're an ecommerce website, and don't yet have a SSL certificate, it's time to quit playing around. Get a SSL already. You're losing money.

Read SSL certificate reviews, and check out EV SSL prices.

SSL Certificate survey


35 Percent of Internet Shoppers Won't Buy Something Online if a Website Doesn't Have a SSL Certificate.

Yes, there is such a thing as a SSL certificate for multiple domain names. 

That's a good thing, as a multi-domain SSL certificate will save you money and time as you only have to buy and install one SSL certificate instead of multiple.

SSL certificates for multiple domains are known as UCC certificates.  UCC is short for Unified Communications Certificates.

A UCC SSL gives you the ability to secure your primary domain name as well a 99 extra domains with one UCC certificate.  A lot of webmasters like to buy SSL certificate for multiple domain names when they're securing Microsoft email products, specifically:  Microsoft Live Communications Server; Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and Exchange Server 2010. has the best pricing for reputable, reliable UCC certificates.  When you visit GoDaddy's SSL page now, don't be confused. The Go Daddy SSL certificate for multiple domain names is a choice under their Standard SSL Certificate offering. Just click the radial button under Standard SSL for "Multiple Domains UCC".

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You'll save a lot of time with a UCC SSL.  Not having to manage multiple SSL certs is a huge benefit of UCC EV SSLs.  Your IT guys will thank-you.  Plus, you won't have to constanly be checking the expiration dates for multiple different SSLs.  You only have to make sure you remember one UCC SSL expiration date.  In addition, you can add additional domains to your UCC EV SSL to secure additional websites in the future as well.

Go Daddy SSL review | SSL Certificate for Multiple Domain Names UCC EV SSL  | SSL certificate for multiple domain names will save you money and time as you only have to buy and install one SSL certificate instead of multiple ...

Here's a question from one of our SSL Certificate Reviews readers, "does GoDaddy install SSL certificates?".

The short answer is "yes!".  

The king of domains has branched into offering SSL certificates as well.  It's a natural fit.  No one in the world sales more domains than Go Daddy - it's not even close.

Go Daddy's prices are rock bottom for domains.  Their profit margins are razor thin.  So, GoDaddy has moved into selling other web services like web hosting and of course SSL certificates.  Go Daddy brings in customers via their reputation of having the best prices for their products, and then cross-sells hard to bring their average order value and gross profit per customer up as well.

But enough about GoDaddy's business strategy - lets talk about your website.  Your next question will be, "should I buy a SSL certificate from GoDaddy?"

We, again, say "yes!".

GoDaddy's entry into the SSL certificate marketplace has put tremendous pricing pressure on the SSL CA old guard.  You're the beneficiary of GoDaddy's low SSL prices.  Seriously, GoDaddy's SSL certificate prices are really affordable.  On top of that, a lot of GoDaddy's SSLs are UCC, so you can secure more than one domain with one SSL certificate if that's what you need.

Now, we don't recommend all of GoDaddy's products. If you had asked if you should buy GoDaddy's web hosting, we would have said "NO way!".  But their SSL's are good, especially if you want to save a lot of money.

So, visit GoDaddy's SSL page now, and save cash on your SSL certificate purchase.  You can even get a domain verification SSL for only $12.99 by clicking here.

GoDaddy has lots of articles in their help section of their website that will help you with the details of SSL certificate installation.  Plus, GoDaddy has a forum filled with smart technical people that can point you in the right direction during your SSL install as well.

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