If you have web hosting at Hostgator, you can still use a GoDaddy SSL certificate if you'd like. The cost savings of using a GoDaddy SSL instead of one of Hostgator Hosting SSL Certifcates is a reseller of can be significant.

Hostgator charges a $10 installation fee, but that's cheap. If you have a managed dedicated hosting account, Hostgator will install a GoDaddy SSL certificate for free. Hostgator is compatible with WHM/cPanel certificates, so Godaddy SSLs will work.

With shared hosting you have to have Hostgator's technical support do the Go Daddy SSL install as it's not possible to install your own SSL certificate without root access. If you have a VPS account or an unmanaged dedicated server you can choose to install it on your own, or use pay the $10 to have HostGator's experts install it for you.

To use a GoDaddy SSL on Hostgator, follow these steps:

  1. Request a CSR to be generated from Hostgator.
  2. Buy GoDaddy SSL certificate. Go Daddy will need the CSR you received from HostGator.
  3. Request Hostgator to install the SSL certificate.

Information Hostgator needs to Install GoDaddy SSL:

  • The SSL Certificate field is for the main certificate file. This will be provided by GoDaddy.
  • The SSL CA Certificate (Trusted Authority) is also known as the CA Bundle or Cert Bundle; this is optional only if your GoDaddy does not provide a bundle.
  • The RSA Private Key field is for the RSA key Hostgator will send via email when you request a CSR.
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GoDaddy sales the most domain name registrations, but you already new that.  Did you know Go Daddy is also the provider of the world's largest provider net new SSL Certificates?  Netcraft Ltd. says over a half-a-million websites are secured with Go Daddy SSL certificates.

The latest Netcraft report showed that GoDaddy has gone past the 500,000 SSL milestone.  The report also says that GoDaddy was the top provider of net new certificates for the month of May, selling just under 13,000 SSL certificates in May.

"While it is significant that Go Daddy has issued more than a half-million SSL certificates, there are still too many people being 'taken to the cleaners' by other providers who charge their ridiculously high prices," said GoDaddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. "In this economy, businesses need to be looking for the best possible value. Think about it, GoDaddy customers receive an identical SSL product as competitors, but with outstanding customer service and for up to 15 times less the cost ... now that can make a difference."

It's that value that has propelled Go Daddy to be the fastest growing SSL provider in the world ... and it has been accomplished organically, as opposed to making competitor acquisitions.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates provide Web site security through server-to-browser encryption and keep company information, customer data, communications and financial transactions secure. All Go Daddy SSL certificates provide visitors visual reassurance through the "https" prefix and padlock icon. Extended Validation certificates also provide a green address bar or similar indicator, assuring customers the company has passed stringent vetting procedures.

All Go Daddy SSL Certificates include an unlimited server license, meaning companies can save money by purchasing a single certificate for their entire infrastructure.  No wonder many webmasters believe GoDaddy provides the best value in the SSL certificate marketplace.  If your website needs a SSL, check out GoDaddy SSL products now.

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Go Daddy Website SSL Certificate Usage Growing


Netcraft came out with another of their monthly reports on the state of the SSL certificate industry yesterday. No surprise, GoDaddy continues to capture SSL market share. In June, GoDaddy announced it had sold more than 500,000 SSL certificates.

Netcraft's report stated, "Go Daddy's continued strong growth has caused it to become the second largest EV certificate authority this month." Netcraft's report also says that GoDaddy was the fastest growing domain validated SSL provider in the market.

We think the low prices GoDaddy charges for their SSL certificates is the main reason for the SSL market share increase (save even more money with GoDaddy EV coupon codes). Go Daddy President and COO Warren Adelman says he thinks it's also due to GoDaddy's customer service.

"Our rapid growth in the EV SSL market demonstrates how important it is to give customers what they want - a reliable product at a great price," said Adelman. "Go Daddy Certificates cost up to 15 times less than our competitors. Our customers know Go Daddy Certificates provide the same industry-standard security as other companies, but are backed by our industry-best customer support."

Go Daddy began selling SSL certificates in 2004 and Extended Validation SSLs in 2007. GoDaddy EV certificates help improve the security for online transactions.
A website secured by an EV SSL shows a green address bar in most browsers, along with the organization to which the certificate was issued.

GoDaddy SSL certificates Selling fast


GoDaddy EV SSL review. GoDaddy SSL Coupon Code. Go Daddy's continued strong growth has caused it to become the second largest EV certificate authority this month


There's a lot of articles coming out lately on how to avoid getting hacked when using public Wi-Fi. 

Public internet access is ubiquitous now. Just about all the airport terminals, coffee shops, and even fast food restaurants I go to have it. A lot of public parks even have Wi-Fi. But with that convenience comes risk. There are several ways you could be the target of an attack via public Wi-Fi.

One of the ways you are at risk is by not using secure connections to websites.  In other words, a common feature of all these articles on using public Wi-Fi safely include visiting sites with SSL certificates!  This is just another reason you should consider securing your website with a SSL certificate if you haven't already.

Specific free internet access advice from this article:

"Use HTTP Secure connections when available: HTTP Secure (characterized by the URL starting with https://) adds a layer of encryption between you and the website, making your actions unreadable by someone in between. Many popular sites such as Amazon and Gmail turn this on by default. Other services, including Facebook and Twitter, have https as an option under your settings. The Electronic Frontier Foundation in conjunction with The Tor Project have created a Firefox extension called HTTPS Everywhere. When active, the extension will check to see if the URL you are requesting is available via HTTP Secure first."

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Help Your Website Visitors Avoid Getting Hacked When Using Public Wi-Fi.   Do your visitors come to your website using public internet access or wi-fi?  Then secure your site with an SSL...

Website trust on the internet is critical now days.

A lot of your website visitors equate the internet to the shadowy back worlds of the Russian or Italian mafia underground.  This makes it tough for small businesses online, who need to build trust to gain a sale, bookmark, or even for the visitor to sign-up for your email list.  And, you may only have seconds to build that trust before a website visitor decides to leave your site.

So, what's one way business websites are gaining visitor trust?  By using SSL type Trust Seals.  This helps eliminate enough of their visitors' internet security concerns to facilitate trust in your website.

Probably the most well-known and recognized Trust Seal is by Verisign.  GoDaddy also has a domain validated SSL certificate that is increasing used to gain trust due to it's low cost.  The Verisign Trust Seal is $299/year, while the lowest level of GoDaddy SSL is only $12.99/year (Visit's SSL webpage now to learn more).

These seals and domain validated SSLs signal to visitors that the website is legit.  The Verisign Trust Seal includes a site malware check, whcih is an added bonus.

There’s a lot of fraudulent activity on the Web these days and consumers are aware of it,” said Tina Hou via a Fox article, senior product marketing manager for trust services at Symantec, which recently was acquired VeriSign’s identity and authentication security business. “People go to because they know it’s a relatively safe organization. Small businesses don’t have that luxury.”

The Internet is full of scams and spammers trying to steal people’s information.  Your business, even though it may be small, may still be a hacker target.   “When people come to the site and see the seal they know the site is a safe site to conduct transactions on or browse,” said Hou.

VeriSign’s seal, which is seen more than 650 million times a day. The seal also shows up in searches results on Google , Yahoo, Bing and a few comparison shopping Web sites before surfers click on a link. According to Hou, incorporating the VeriSign Trust Seal has the added benefit of preventing a small business from being blacklisted on Google by catching any malware early. Google periodically scans sites for malware and any tags sites found to have malicious software and forces users to click through a warning to get to the site--a big problem  for a small business.

Trust Seals can increase your conversion rate.

Trust Seals have to raise conversion rates to be worth the money for business websites.  According to Hou, Symantec conducted a number of studies with businesses that use the VeriSign Seal and found that sites with the seal saw a 25% increase in traffic on average.

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Trust Seals can Increase your Website Conversion Rate