Geotrust SSL Certificate ReviewOne of the strengths of the company is its wide variety of offerings. This means that you can easily find a solution even if you have unique needs for your site’s trust and credibility. But is this enough to warrant a purchase of an SSL Certificate from Geotrust? This Geotrust SSL Certificate review will answer the question.

GeoTrust Company Claims

The company has been making a lot of big claims lately. They like to say that they are the second largest provider of digital certificates in the whole world. They’re also claiming that if you’re going to base it on the number of popular websites that are using their certificates, they are the most popular SSL Certificate provider in the world.

Now, it’s a little hard to verify or refute this claim so this Geotrust SSL Certificate review will just focus on the things that we already know plus the feedback of its customers.

What GeoTrust Offers

Right now, the company is offering four options for SSL Certificates. If you’ve checked the prices of these packages before, we strongly suggest that you check them again now. The company has slashed their prices so they can compete in a price war with other popular companies. Basically, here are the options that you have and their present prices:

  • True BusinessID with EV ($299)
  • True BusinessID ($199)
  • True BusinessID Wildcard ($499)
  • QuickSSL® Premium ($149)
  • geotrust ssl review

Just like with other companies, the cheapest option offers basic encryption. However, it offers a $100,000 warranty as opposed to $10,000 of the other basic encryption of other companies. To go to the other extreme, its most expensive package gives you the option to secure unlimited sub-domains. For bigger clients, this is something that’s very hard to resist.

If you’re looking for maximum security and credibility, you can expect to pay $299 for it. Is it worth it? Let’s put it this way. The company is willing to put a $500,000 warranty for it. That should be more than enough to convince you.

Since this is an unbiased Geotrust SSL Certificate review, we also have to talk about the negative feedback. We’ve seen several customers complaining about the lack of support that they got. Some of them are saying that they needed to wait a few days in order to get support while some of them are saying that the service is downright horrible. On the other hand, there are also a lot of people that are saying that the customer service is good. Obviously, it depends on the customer experience.

But at the end of the day, it’s hard to disregard their amazing packages.  Give GeoTrust a shot today.  After all, some of the most popular websites on the internet use their SSLs.

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I wonder if Symantec is second guessing its 2010 acquisition of Verisign security assets?  And, no wonder Symantec is quickly trying to rebrand those Verisign security assets under the Symantec brand.

Prior to August 2010, VeriSign was the world's largest SSL (secure socket layer) certificate issuing authority. In May of that year, Symantec announced it would acquire VeriSign's authentication business, including SSL certificate generation, for $1.2 billion. The acquisition was finalized Aug. 9, 2010.

Verisign, Inc. recently said in their quarterly SEC filings that they had been victims of a security breach in 2010. Verisign, Inc. currently has only confirmed that the incident did not impact their DNS business.

The lack of information about SSL has made some security experts sonder if hackers had acquired legitimate-looking certificates, or stolen information critical to the certificate issuing process.

If criminals did steal one or more SSL certificates, they could use them to conduct "man-in-the-middle" attacks, tricking users into thinking they were at a legitimate site when in fact their communications were being secretly intercepted. Or they could use them to "secure" fake websites that seem to be legitimate copies of popular Web services, using the bogus domains to steal information or plant malware.

Verisign, Inc. did state that there was no impact to their production environment.  Symantec said in response to media questions regarding the 2010 Verisign, Inc. security breach:

Symantec takes the security and proper functionality of its solutions very seriously.Trust Services (SSL), User Authentication (VIP, PKI, FDS), and other production systems acquired by Symantec were not compromised by the corporate network security breach mentioned in the Verisign, Inc. quarterly filing.

Still, this whole scenerio has to make consumers and webmasters wonder - perhaps GoDaddy SSL certificates aren't a bad alternative after all.

godaddy verisign security

This is risky.

Symantec, who purchased Verisign's security business in May 2010, is changing the branding of the most recognized SSL certificate.

Revealed:  How to get the best price on Norton Symantec Verisign SSL certificates

The famous VeriSign "checkmark", the most recognized trust mark on the Internet, will be re-branded as the Norton Secured Seal. While the check mark will be kept in the new SSL site seal, the color, type set, and name will move to Symantec brand elements. The Verisign name will be kept for now underneath the site seal with a "powered by Verisign" tagline. You can see the change in the image below.

verisign ssl seal changes to norton

The change will take place in April 2012.

This is a big change. It will be interesting to see consumer and webmaster reaction to the change. Will consumers continue to be less likely to bounce from your site if they see the new Norton SSL seal? Will visitors continue to complete purchases at a higher rate if the Norton site seal is present on the shopping cart page? Will webmasters or IT managers continue to pay a premium price for the new Norton branded SSL certificate?

Only time will tell.

Symantec did some consumer testing towards "proving" that the new seal will retain the high level of recognition and trust that VeriSign website seal users have come to expect. According to Symantec, consumers selected the Norton Secured Seal more often than our competitors’ trust seals for the following attributes:

  • 77% of consumers recognize the Norton Secured Seal.
  • 65% of consumers agree that a website displaying the Norton Secured Seal is safe to browse and won’t give me a virus.
  • 55% of consumers agree that a website displaying the Norton Secured Seal means that the website protects your online privacy.

Marketers know consumer tests don't always mirror actual production results. Lets see what big eCommerce websites say about the change based on real data to make a final judgement.

In the mean time, check out the SSL certificate provider prices, and decide for yourself which certificate authority you'd like to use.


Verisign SSL Certificate Site Seal Changes To Symantec Norton Branding

Oh no Symantec, you thought you already had your hands full with GoDaddy getting more aggressive in the SSL Certificate marketplace.  The last thing your Verisign SSL division needs is this - the 800-pound gorilla Google turning themselves into a certificate authority as well.  The thought alone probably makes Verisign executives tremble. 

So what's causing all the speculation?  Google just grabbed the domain domain name

Granted, that in and of itself doesn't mean mean Google is going to throw its hat into the security marketplace.  Google could use the name a ton of different ways.  The lowest level use is simply registering it some someone else doesn't.  UDRP cases to get branded domain names back drain company time. 

However, this domain could easily signal that SSL certificates, or at least Trust seals, are on Google's mind. That's why smart companies follow domain registrations as a form of competitive intelligence - a purchased domain or series of domains in a certain area may mean the company is planning to pursue an opportunity.

A domain name news aggregation site had these thoughts about a possible Google entry into the SSL cert business:

"Google is the perfect player to capitalize on SSL certificates as well as various “trust” seals, which could help the company monetize its organic listings.

But what if Google got into this market? It could offer companies a special designation directly next to their Google search results — no toolbar needed. Companies would pay a premium for this added designation. It would enable Google to monetize its organic listings by selling a premium service that doesn’t disrupt the search algorithm."

Interesting indeed.  Stay tuned and we'll see what happens, if anything.

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Will Google Become a SSL Certificate Provider and Certificate Authority?