How to Renew Your GoDaddy SSL Certificate, Server Guide

Knowing how to renew your GoDaddy SSL Certificate is important as this will enable you to protect your website without interruption. Because expired SSL Certificates will not be too good in protecting your server, you will not be able to ensure the safety of your transactions if you do not renew your certificates on time. Thus, you ought to be vigilant with these kinds of things to make your server and all of your websites protected and secured from malwares, viruses and third party attacks.

Renewing GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Below is a simple server guide that will enable you to make the necessary steps to renew the SSL Certificate that you are using for your server. Each server type has its own way of installing certificates so make sure that you choose the type of server that you are using before proceeding. This will make it easier for you to do this properly and prevent any delays and errors that can cause problems on your server.

  • Web Server List

GoDaddy offers instructions on how to re-install a certificate on different server types. These server types are listed and you can simply choose one that you need. All the information that you have to follow will be included in the instructions so be sure to read them very carefully.

You can get instructions for cPanel, Apache 1.3/2.x, Tomcat 4.x/5.x/6.x, Parallels Plesk Panel, IIS 5.x, IIS 6.x and IIS 7. If the server type that you are using is different and is not found on the list, you can ask your web hosting provider on how to renew your GoDaddy SSL Certificate.

  • Get Everything Ready

Before you even start with the renewal process, you should get everything ready. This means you should make sure that all the certificate files have been downloaded and all the guidelines had been downloaded and printed if possible.

A printed guide is better than having one on your computer as this will allow you to read the guide even when you are currently doing tasks on your computer, which won’t allow you to see anything else on the screen, especially if you don’t want to mess up with your settings.

  • Generate a New CSR

Depending on the server software that you are using, you might need to generate a new CSR or Certificate Signing Request. Some software do not require you to generate one but just to be sure, check with your web hosting provider for guidelines.

If you are changing any information regarding your company or address info, you need to generate a new CSR to ensure that all the information that you have provided will be compatible with the one on your CSR and certificate files.

Knowing how to renew your SSL Certificate is really important as this will ensure your server’s safety. Make sure that you have a complete server guideline before you start doing anything with your renewed certificate to prevent any errors that can make your server even more at risk.


How to Renew Your GoDaddy Server SSL Certificate

banking ssl certWhy Should Your Website Have a SSL Certificate if You’re in the Finance or Banking Industry?

You may ask why should your website have a SSL Certificate if you’re in the finance or banking industry. Because financial information is very important, especially when it is being transacted and stored online, you should make sure that you are doing everything to make your website and your data secured. An SSL Certificate will be able to provide the protection that you need.

Also, SSL Certificates show website visitors that your website is highly secured, which will increase the trust of your visitors in your site. This is very important for the performance of your website. Because an unsecured website will never be trusted and visited again by Internet users, the performance of your website will significantly drop, resulting in decline in sales and conversion, which can make your business collapse.

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Importance of Having an SSL Certificate

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate is very important if you are in the finance or banking industry because this certificate will be able to offer the highest protection that any website can have. This means that third party entities that want to intercept with the transactions and steal important data on your website will be kept out of your website and connection.

Aside from the usual computer protection such as anti-viruses and anti-malwares, SSL Certificates are also very important to ensure that the computer that you are using, as well as your server and your website itself, is protected from interception and virus attacks.

  • Show Highest Security Level

Because of the green address bar, HTTPS and secure padlock on the address bar of an EV SSL Certificate-protected website, visitors are able to determine that the website is secured and highly protected against any kind of eavesdropping and malicious attacks. This makes website visitors feel safe in doing transactions with your website, which is important in keeping customers and attracting more clients.

  • Increase Traffic, Sales and Conversion

Because your financial or banking website is protected with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, more and more Internet users will get attracted in transacting inside your website. This is because they feel secured and protected from anything that can harm their information and their financial standing.

This is very important because an increase in traffic, sales and conversion ultimately results in a better, bigger and enhanced business and website.

  • Real Protection to Users

Because of the high level of protection of Extended Validation SSL Certificates, your website will be able to truly protect your website. The certificates are not only for show, which is great because they offer the best kind of protection that you can find on the Internet.

Now that you know the answer to the question: ‘why should your website have a SSL Certificate if you’re in the finance or banking industry?’, you should make sure that you apply for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate and secure your website and your customers. This will not only improve the performance of your website and increase your traffic. This will also enhance your business and make it bigger, more reliable and stable.

Where Should You Place SSL Certificate Security Seal on Your Website for Maximum Effect?

“Where should you place SSL certificate Security Seal on your website?” That’s a common question that website owners ask whenever they purchase an SSL certificate and want to put their Security Seal visibly on their site to ward off potential hackers and mischief-doers.

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Where Should You Place SSL certificate Security Seal on Your Website?

Actually, you can place your SSL certificate Security Seal anywhere you want. It’s really your choice. But there are more suitable places that you can put your Security Seal on. Putting your SSL certificate Security Seal at the front page of your website will help visitors determine that your website is using a SSL certificate so they can feel more secured – whether your website is an online store or something that needs information interchange.

  • Place It on Your Checkout Page

To add more sense of security, you can put your SSL certificate Security Seal on your checkout page – near the credit card entry fields or other payment method fields. Your customers will feel more secure in providing their financial account details if they know that the site they are visiting is protected. Also, it will add a professional feel to your site. A website that is observably protected by SSL certificates looks more credible and well, professional.

  • Place It at the Footer

Placing your SSL certificate Security Seal at the footer of your website is also the best place to put your SSL certificate Security Seal. Your visitors will easily see your SSL certificate Security Seal at the bottom of your site. Yes, they have to scroll down. But that spot is the nicest place because it will make your website look neat and clean. Also, you don’t want your SSL certificate Security Seal to be roaming all over your site, which will make it harder for your visitors to see.

Most users will expect your SSL certificate Security Seal to be placed near the bottom – or footer – of your website so it’s best to put it there.

Put it on Your ‘About Us’ Page

Placing your SSL certificate Security Seal at the top of your website will also make your SSL certificate Security Seal easier to see. Just make sure that it is appropriately placed and doesn’t look like it’s just placed there randomly. Putting your SSL certificate Security Seal on top of your ‘About Us’ page will make your visitors aware that your website is a secured site that uses SSL certificates so they can be assured that the transactions that they are going to make inside your website will be secured.

Where you want to place your SSL certificate Security Seal is up to you. Just copy your code and place it somewhere you feel most appropriate. No need for special codes if you are going to place your SSL certificate Security Seal through html. If you are not familiar with html or php though, it is best to ask your SSL certificate support team so they can assist you with that. Don't worry because doing so is very easy. You'll master it in no time.

Symantec is now updating all the Verisign Seals to the new Norton branded SSL certificate. 

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Here's the email they're sending to all their customers:

Dear Customer,

Beginning April 17th, all VeriSign Seals will start to update to the new Norton™ Secured Seal powered by VeriSign—and you don't have to do a thing.

The new name reflects Symantec's acquisition of VeriSign Authentication Services. You'll see a similar name change in our product names as well. But just because the name is changing doesn't mean the service will. We're dedicated to keeping everything you love about VeriSign SSL and code signing products just the way it is.














It's really that simple. We just wanted to keep you in the loop during the final stages of this transition. Of course if you want to learn more about how everything will work, visit our transition site—and be sure to check out our fun, interactive game while you're there.


Fran Rosch
VP Trust Services
Information Security Group

Symantec Updating Verisign Seals to New Norton Branded SSL Certificate

Oops.  The British intelligence agency MI5 made a website error last week.  They forgot to replace their expired Verisign SSL certificate for their website.

The mess-up was a bit of a big deal as the website is used as the publics way to reports suspicous activity - say to report suspected terrorist activity - would have been warned by their browser that the connection was untrusted. Good thing any reports via the site would have still been encrypted if visitors chose to proceed regardless of the SSL alert.

It appears the SSL certificate expired on April 15th. The SSL certificate has been updates with a new Verisign SSL certificate that expires in 2018, so hopefully there won't be any more issues. 

Spyblog said that the issue was rather embarrassing for MI5 because its server is configured to be accessible only over a secure connection.

"Since the MI5 website redirects to an SSL/TLS HTTPS-only version, they have effectively created a Denial of Service attack on themselves," Spyblog said.

"'This connection is untrusted' web browser warnings do not give the impression of professional competence and respect for internet confidentiality, which potential users of their SSL/TLS encrypted 'Reporting suspected threats' web form should expect, and upon which their lives and the lives of potential British targets may depend on."

Make sure your company doesn't make the same mistake.  Do you know when your current SSL certificate expires?  Have your IT department let you know, and have them check out SSL certificate prices on SSL Certificate Reviews.