Why do Small Business Websites Need SSL Certificates?

Secure Socket Layer or SSL Certificates are important on business websites, especially the ones that handle information from their clients. Even small businesses are encouraged to acquire SSL Certificates to ensure that their business and their clients are protected.

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What is SSL Certificate?

Many small business owners are asking, ‘What is an SSL Certificate?’ and ‘Why do small business websites need SSL Certificates?’ Knowing what this certificate is makes it easier to know why it is needed even for small websites, despite its seemingly high-scale scheme.

An SSL or Secure Socket Layer Certificate is a security protocol that protects ecommerce websites from interception when an online user is inputting or transferring data to and from the website. This protocol secures the information by encrypting the data, which can only be deciphered by the intended recipient. Due to this reason, no third party identity can intervene with the data transfer. And even if the data landed on an unknown entity, it cannot be deciphered, which keeps the information safe.

Businesses that handle transaction involving data transfer and online payments ought to have this to ensure that the clients are protected from identity theft and fraud.

What Makes SSL Certificates Secure?

When asking the question, why do small business websites need SSL Certificates, the follow-up question is always about what makes it secure and trusted even by big businesses online. And to know how big and small businesses benefit from SSL Certificates, read the list below:

  • Domain Validation

One of the first things that SSL Certificates secure is a business’ domain. To ensure that the website that online users are visiting is the authentic website and not just a duplicate used for phishing information, the domain of the business website is protected.

This lets the clients know that they are using the authentic website, which lets them know that they are safe to make transactions; increasing the trust of online users to small business websites.

  • Organizationally Validated

The second level of security that SSL Certificate provides, which makes small business websites need SSL Certificates, is the protection of securing the data that transmits through the websites. This is highly important as this ensures that the information provided to small business websites are secure, making Internet users trust small online businesses more.

  • Extended Validation

Extended validation is the strictest protection and also requires the most stringent validation to ensure that the website is truly owned by the claiming business. It also ensures that the website is what it claims to be, which requires a lot of documentation to prove. This makes the verification compelling and trusted.

If your small business is going online or if your business is based online, protecting it with SSL Certificates should be one of your priorities to ensure that your business and your clients are well protected. Visit GoDaddy and Symantec for the best SSL Certificate deals. They are the best places to go if you need a trusted SSL Certificate authority at a reasonable price and round the clock support.

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