How to Get HTTPs in Your Website Web Address

Because of the increasing number of fraudulent transactions that are going on in the Internet these days, website owners and bloggers have been looking for ways on how they can keep their website secure. One of these is through the use of https or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure so you must learn how to get https in your website web address. This is basically the secure version of http. This article will teach you more about https, how it can benefit you and how you can get this for your website’s web address.

All about Http

So what is the difference between http and https, you might ask? Basically, a normal http is unencrypted, unverifiable and it is un-validated. This means that anyone who has bad intentions could easily attack the website by stealing the secure information and other contents within it. This also means that attackers will be able to observe the contents within the communication in and out the web server and they will have the capability to modify the contents, putting your website and your customer’s at risk. These fraudsters certainly have the capability to forge one or both sides within the communication. Given the nature of the Internet nowadays, it is often easy to attack websites that only use http for their web address.

What about Https?

So why do you think https is important? First of all, you should know that https makes use of Transport Layer Security, also known as the TLS. This is used in order to solve these limitations with the http. The TLS is a kind of cryptographic protocol which makes use of x.509 certificates, as well as public and private key encryption. It also makes use of an exchanged symmetric key and thus, you can be assured that your site will remain secure. Here are the things that https can do for you:

  • It can validate the identity of certain servers.
  • It can encrypt the contents of the communication in between the client and the server and prevent anyone from getting access to your communication with the users of your site.
  • It verifies the integrity of the communication in between the client and the server and it helps to ensure that a message has not been modified by the attacker.
  • It verifies the authenticity of the communication in between the client and the server and ensures that a message from a certain website indeed came from a certain website.

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Important Features of Https

A lot of users believe that encryption is considered as the most important feature of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or https. But the verification process and the prevention of men in the middle attack are actually the more important features of https. Encryption will be useless if you are not talking to who you should really be talking to since the attacker could serve as a proxy in between you and the server.  Remember that web browsers that have a padlock icon means that the website is highly secure and that it makes use of the https.

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