Change Wordpress Site to SSL Certificate Secure

If you are planning to change Wordpress site to SSL Certificate secure, there are some preparations that you need to do. Doing the necessary groundwork will ensure that your website is properly set up and completely secured. So, before you install and activate your SSL Certificate for your Wordpress site, make sure that necessary preparations are done first.

Prepping Your Wordpress Site for SSL Certificate Activation

Here is a short list of what you need to do before you can change Wordpress site to SSL Certificate secure. It takes a bit of effort but following the list is well worth it:

  • Choose the right SSL Certificate for your site.

Visit GoDaddy or Symantec to know the various SSL Certificate types that you can purchase. Depending on your purpose and the type of website you have, you will need to buy the type of certificate that will be suitable for your goals.

Godaddy is a great option for reliable, cheap SSL certs that work with WP.  Get the best price.

You might want to use your certificate on a single domain or you might have multiple sub-domains that you also want to secure. These two require different certificate types; hence, you need to know which one you need.

If you are not sure how you can install the SSL Certificate on your server, you would want to contact your hosting provider so they can do it for you. It would be easier to have GoDaddy as your certificate authority and hosting provider to make things easier on your part.

  • Back up your website.

Of course, before you do anything major to your site, such as installing and activating an SSL Certificate, you need to back up everything. This way, when something goes wrong, you can upload the previous version of your site.

This will prevent your website from having irreversible damages, which can happen since you will open and edit files on your site.

  • Edit the wp-config.php file and .htaccess file.

To make your Wordpress login use a secured connection, edit your wp-config.php file so that it will force your WP login page to use your certificate.

By updating your .htaccess, you are also forcing all of the links inside your Wordpress site to redirect and use the HTTPS protocol instead of the HTTP one. This will ensure that every link in your Wordpress site will use the HTTPS protocol, which will enable the padlock on the address bar to appear.

  • Clear the cache of your website.

Another thing that you should do before installing or activating your SSL Certificate is to clear the cache of your Wordpress site. This will enable you to see the changes in your Wordpress site, which will allow you to see if your certificate is properly installed on your site.

When changing your Wordpress site to the SSL Certificate secure version, you need to make sure that your plugins and tools are updated. This way, you can be sure that the changes will also take effect on all aspects of your website, such as the sitemaps and analytics. Do not rush things and make sure you update everything to ensure that your Wordpress site will work properly after the conversion.

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